The Large Owners Council (LOC) is a group of self storage owners & operators with 10 or more facilities, that meet twice a year to improve their individual companies & the industry as a whole.


The storage industry faces change on many fronts. Shared experiences, both our wins and our losses, can help us navigate the industry's changing waters. As a group we can strategize to formulate a better path into the future.  

Best Practices

As an owner or operator you are confronted with numerous technology and operational choices. Together we can learn from each other and craft new ideas. As industry leaders we are in a position to establish and champion best practices as a guide for the industry as a whole.


Interaction and networking among members has forged strong bonds within the industry. Such relationships are powerful in our tight-knit industry. Your fellow LOC members know what keeps you up at night, and who knows, they just might be your next buyer. 

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit

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